About Me

An artsy photo of myself

An artsy photo of myself

Who am I?

I’m Dan, a second year Computer Science Student at the University of Southampton. I am also a Co-Founder of Questioneer, a volunteer at SourceBots, writer of crazy Hackathon projects and designer of weird computer networks. Additionally, in my free time, I write and contribute to Open Source software projects, help lead a group of Beaver Scouts and make CTF (Capture the Flag) exercises.

That’s a lot of stuff…

Yep, I also:

  • Attend sessions and am secretary of SUCSS (Southampton University Cyber Security Society)
  • I am a member of SUWS (Southampton University Wireless Society) and am working towards getting my Amateur Radio Licence.
  • I work on my projects.
  • Once in a blue moon, I write a blog post.
  • Somehow find time to cook food and relax occasionally.