Nice Stuff

These things are pretty nice, you should check them out. I’ll add more things to this page over time.


Haskell is my favourite programming language, mainly thanks to its awesome type system. I wish it were easier to learn though, both from my lack of knowledge in some areas, and so that I could work on real projects with it.


The future of the internet, need I say more? I tend to get visibly excited when something I use starts supposed v6, most notably when EE turned on NAT64 and my phone went v6 only!

If you like living in the dark ages, you can disable IPv6 too.

Mythic Beasts

I’m not generally a fan of giving companies free advertising, but the folks over at Mythic are awesome.

Even for simple things like domain registration, I don’t think they can be beaten (except on price maybe, but you get what you pay for!).

PEP 484

This Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) introduces Type Hints to Python, which along with PEP 593 enables developers to use Python as a (almost) statically typed language.

Student Robotics

We challenge teams of 16 to 18 year-olds to design, build and develop autonomous robots to compete in our annual competition. After announcing the year’s game, we give teams six months to engineer their creations. We mentor teams throughout this time, as well as supply them with a kit which provides a framework they can build their robot around.

I mostly work on the kit these days, and currently sit on the “Kit Committee” and lead the “Brain Team”. Although I have been involved in event management in the past, which was excellent fun and quite satisfying to see all of the hard work pay off.