I’ve been involved in quite a few projects, here are some of the more interesting ones.

SR2022 Kit Project#

Major upgrade to the Student Robotics Kit for 2022. Consists of many components, including:

  • j5 - New API Framework
    • User Experience First
    • New USB Drivers
    • Upgrade to Python 3, including a fully type-hinted codebase
  • sr-robot3 - User-facing API, based on j5
  • Astoria - Robot Management System
    • Detect and execute code on USB drives
    • Resolve “metadata” to allow fine-grained environment control
    • Web Interface to control and view execution
    • MQTT-based IPC, allowing for remote and local control


RIOT is an operating system for the Internet of Things. I spent quite a bit of time at University using it, contributing to it and writing about it .


An educational startup company I founded with my best friend. We raised over £30,000 of funding for the venture, including a live pitch on stage .