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Status: Completed

Type: Hackathon


What is it?

Brumball is a 6 player massively multiplayer pong game that I developed at my first Hackathon in November 2017. It was in one word, a success.


Brumball was developed during Brumhack 7.0, a 24hr hackathon that was held in November 2017. It was developed by the Dysfunctional Programmers, a team of computer science students from University of Southampton.

How can I run Brumball?

As Brumball was developed for a hackathon, it was very much intended to be used as a demo in a short presentation. Thus, it does not have a nice menu or start automatically. In fact, you need to press enter on the display in order to release balls. This can be changed by modifying game.js in /display.

Brumball consists of three components:

  • Display
    • This is responsible for displaying the game
    • It handles all powerups and physics
    • Each display is unique as the random numbers are different.
    • Only one Display should be run per game.
  • Server
    • This receives all the requests from the clients
    • Assigns clients to teams and handles disconnection
    • Gives nice numbers to the display on the position of the paddles
  • Client
    • This is what the players will use on their phone to play
    • Sends data to the server

The display and client simply need to be hosted statically. The server needs to be run as Java with a port accessible by both the display and clients.


We got tweeted!

Tweeted By MLH

Tweeted By MLH

We were also tweeted by Capgemini, but that tweet has been since deleted (Dec 2018) and I have been unable to find a copy of it.


Below: The game running. MLH

Below: Victory photo. MLH