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Status: Completed

Type: Hackathon


Bundle is a prototype of a system to let people vote for their choice of song in a nightclub. It was developed at ExHack in January 2018.

Whilst the final project didn’t actually work, it was an excellent opportunity to learn a new framework, Flask. I had only really developed for the web using PHP before this and it really was a turning point in my attitude towards backend web development. I spent a lot of time during the 48 hours learning how to use the Spotify API, mostly using the Spotipy Python library. I came across a lot of difficulty whilst trying to use the OAuth2 integration as I found it to be rather poorly explained in the documentation.

Overall, I do consider this project to be a success. We did win a prize at the Hackathon, although funnily enough, not for our project. One of the sponsors for the Hackathon was a domain registrar and offered a prize for the best domain registered. Unfortunately, the nameservers of the registrar were broken over that weekend. As I used my own nameservers, we were the only team that successfully used a domain and thus won a prize by default!