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Status: In Progress

Type: Personal


ResCalc is a Python Script and Library for easily calculating your university results.

How to use?

ResCalc stores data in YAML files, which can then be stored in a git repo to nicely back everything up.

There are examples of the YAML files in the example folder.

An example command for the script is ./ example info, where the first parameter is the location of the data folder and the second is the command.

How to install?

This software uses Pipenv, a wonderful alternative to / wrapper around pip.

You can install Pipenv by running pip3 install pipenv.

Install the requirements pipenv install.

Start the virtualenv pipenv shell.

You can now use the cli tool.

Use as a library

You can use the reslib module as a library if you would like. It requires PyYAML.


  • Python 3
  • PyYAML (+ LibYAML if you like speed)
  • A computer

Feature Roadmap

I wouldn’t currently describe ResCalc as complete, there are many things I want to add.

  • A better command line tool
  • Write to the data files, in addition to reading
  • Neater code (Not that it isn’t currently :P)
  • A web interface


ResCalc is licenced under the MIT Licence, see the LICENSE file.